ControLogic, Inc.
ControLogic, Inc.
Rugged Telemetry designs and builds these solutions for the most challenging environments in the oil, gas & water industries to improve and streamline the business process. These solutions range from Tank Monitoring to Rod Pump Controllers or custom SCADA solutions using our proprietary CLOUDiQ technology
Multiband Antennas Limited was formed in 2000 to focus on combination antennas for the satellite tracking and remote monitoring industries. With an emphasis on small footprint, low profile & multi-frequency antennas for LEO satellite networks, Multiband works very closely with the Iridium and Orbcomm networks but also develops antennas for the Globalstar and Thuraya satellite networks. With manufacturing partners in South Africa, Slovakia and Italy, Multiband have a first class range of high quality antenna products covering 130MHz to 5.4GHz.
Summit Communication Services LLC is a leading provider of customized, turnkey, wireless asset management solutions. Based in New Jersey, USA, we work with clients large and small, around the world to help make wireless asset management easy, efficient, and effective.
B.W. Rogers and its affiliated companies are one of the premier suppliers to a variety of industries including machinery builders, plastic, automotive, steel, aerospace and others throughout the central United States.
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