Our Expertise
ControLogic, Inc.
ControLogic, Inc.
ControLogic, Inc. has a dedicated team of electrical controls engineers, panel fabricators, electrical field wiring installers, and cadd operators to take a dream and make it a reality. With over 45+ years of experience in the controls field the team of engineers are making the M2M (Machine to Machine) communication a reality all over the world. For more information go to the CONTACT page and give us a call.
Controls Engineering
Our team of engineers have experience with the following:
Allen-Bradley - PLC5, SLC500, MicroLogix, Compactlogix, ControLogix, and all I/O types.
Unitronics - Vision120, Vision130, Vision230, Vision 570.
Omron, Siemens-S7, Mitsubishi, Automation Direct, GE, Modicon, etc.
Also have experience with the following:
XBEE wireless technology
ORBCOMM satellite protocol
Iridium satellite protocol
Panel Fabrication
ControLogic is a certified UL and CS rated panel shop. With over 5000+ square feet, ControLogic can build, wire, and test any size control panel that a customer would need.
With over 18 years experience, our fabrication team can catch design problems and correct without causing delays in shipping to customer.
Field Wiring Installations
ControLogic has a highly experienced team of Field Wiring Electricians. All of the electricians are experienced in the Material Handling Industry and understand Electrical Controls. With this knowledge, engineering support is contributed to the controls engineers by these individuals being on site. Before the system is turned over to the Controls Engineer for debugging to begin, a thorough I/O checkout is completed.
Well iQ
WELL iQ - Dynamic Rod Pump Controller
Remote Pump Management and Control
Maximize Oil Production Efficiency
Reduce Operating Costs
Improve Environmental Footprint
Decrease Energy Consumption
Real-time Alerts
Cloud iQ
CLOUD iQ is a cloud based SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system which leverages the redundancy and scalability of the cloud and communication technologies such as XBEE and Satellite.
These custom SCADA solutions are designed to be in the most challenging environments were communications, power and weather conditions are harsh such as in the oil, gas and water industries.
The CLOUD iQ SCADA technology makes it easy and affordable to deploy allowing companies to run their operations more efficiently this is also beneficial to smaller facilities that do not have a dedicated technical staff to manage their SCADA systems.
Tank iQ
Tank iQ remote monitoring system is a safe and reliable choice for tank level measurement and liquid level monitoring.

Product Information
TANK iQ Base Station - Primary function of the TANK iQ Base station is to monitor and display tank levels and communicate via satellite to web based monitoring solution

***TANK iQ Level Sensor - Intrinsically safe and battery operated, the TANK iQ sensors installs on the tank and wireless transmits tank levels to the TANKIQ base station
***TANK iQ Backoffice The web based graphic interface provides daily readings, notifications, alarms and historical information on your tank levels. Tank iQ can also provide automated pick up notification